Demystify Your Shape

by DoT

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Photo Cred: Laura MacDonald


released January 9, 2014



all rights reserved


DoT Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: 600 Days
black wax rides it's torso down
freezing on lopsided brows
clumsy circled star in chalk
around a body basement locked

you can tell me what you saw

heard a voice airborne among
the house i let you in
where our eyes rolled back into white
for over 600 days

laid down by an angel
black or holy, could not tell
it drew my steam in seconds flat
the judas i despised on return

doorknob twisting, turning slow
squids from satan, psalms to glow
but something's snoring in my ear
turn to feel that nothing's there
Track Name: My Mortal
feel the sting
feel the sting
of forgiveness

you fed my mortal
you held my mortal
then said 'see you soon' to my mortal

feel the sting
feel the sting
of forgiveness

you fed his mortal
then moaned his mortal
then you held his mortal
some whales can't help it
when they're a yawnin'
to do a bit of killing

feel the sting
feel the sting
of forgiveness
of forgiveness

Track Name: Older Than God
every boy is older than god
every girl is older than god

holy torture, torture dangling
off of drug dealer
earrings, and mirrors

i never bathed
there's just killers, at the end of the earth

every book is older than god
and every kind deed is older than god

i never bathed
but i used to think
he would write to me in dreams
Track Name: Someday
someday, i could take us travelling
up to the mountain that is cold
it's a poor man's trick
it's a poor man's trick

then ask 'how many saviours
do dance on the head of your pin?'
we may not believe
that anything is anything

family wave so long my soggy foot
of war, sew back the jaded hoof
and true report, and a thirsty boss is all i got
Track Name: Bascule Bridge
Track Name: There Is A Wound
there is a wound, i cannot reach
the icy tree, that will not thaw
but you would tell me
yes but, you would tell me
if i lost my touch
brush is where i feel again
fear is how i feel again

light of day

light of day births high horses
the night spares not one high horse
there is a wound, she cannot reach
Track Name: I Passed By The Building
(jandek cover)

i passed by the building you were working in
i wanted to step inside it
i wanted to lie in your arms again
i passed by the building that you live in
and i wanted to die
i just stood there and cried
for then the way I felt
for the way i was gonna cry
for loving you
i passed by the building where you sleep
and i wanted to sigh
at the sweet smell of your loving
but i just weep at the morning
i just weep
Track Name: Figurines
i bit the walls of my room in the dark
and sucked figurines
the last of you, is held up by tacks
and new york cities

who has the wand?
who wields the wand?

in the top shelf, under socks and plain shirts
something lingering
a message from your island
simply sickening

who has the wand?

i have a hat, that fits like a scab
and i have a boot that fits
i don't know whether to work on a sturdy
lock or singing saw
Track Name: My Head Is Slit
never had i slept
'cuz i don't want to be awake
it was always a tired thing

you heard them drop, asking what for
in an age old friendly voice
i felt more strong than a leper,
than a victim withholding

have you heard? i quit
they remind me it's the quickest way to tell a lie
please poison my usefulness with health
Track Name: Hellmouth
i follow the heart like an outer skidding spinning tire
wallower of my hug
a swollen worm in wine
i swallow the heart as Campania gulped flesh

meaningless sweats for the flutterings suns
the gaping magnetism of the death knell
mutters your lover's name
i drip rich red concern

splitting the pinhole of hellmouth
splitting the pinhole of hellmouth
splitting the pinhole of hellmouth
splitting the pinhole of hellmouth